About me

Blogging about my life after breast cancer and during chemotherapy has been my way of dealing with my illness. I’m a chronic optimist and a lover of colors; ingredients that I use to make my everyday seem less dark, even though it is hard now and again. I wish to make a difference in how people perceived as women are seen when they are sick and I try to show the world that it is indeed possible to be happy with yourself even though you undergo big changes in your appearance, many of them challenging the view of what is feminine.

I chose to use the alias Trine Amazon after the Amazons of Greek mythology; they were strong one breasted warrior women. The ledgend tells that they cut off their right breast to better aim with the bow and spear, and they lived in societies where women were free and independent of men.

My story

It happened fast; I had my first visit to my doctor in January and now in late April I live with one breast and I’m soon going into chemotherapy. Up until the 20th of April I didn’t consider me having cancer a real possibility. But it was. Every visit at the hospital has been worst… Continue reading My story

Fabulously flat and uniboober

To be facing the choice of reconstructing or not whilst dealing with being ill, adds an immense pressure. Doctors even recommend to get a recontruction and it can easily sound like a medical advice. Thruth is, that there are more complications in connection to reconstruction and there are much more surgery involved, in some cases… Continue reading Fabulously flat and uniboober