Fabulously flat and uniboober

To be facing the choice of reconstructing or not whilst dealing with being ill, adds an immense pressure. Doctors even recommend to get a recontruction and it can easily sound like a medical advice. Thruth is, that there are more complications in connection to reconstruction and there are much more surgery involved, in some cases even on the healthy breast to make the result even. I lacked visual representation when I was given the choice. At the hospital I was only shown before and after pictures of recontructions, there didn’t seem to excist people that chose to be flat, at least not at my age, as doctors stressed over and over again. Luckily I found some communities online that helped me immensely. The first thing I stumbled upon was the Monokini Art Project.

Monokini 2.0 art project

I was ecstatic to see confident uniboobers that looked so strong and amazing. This changed my view on reconstruction and I started to search for other pictures or communities that shared my idea. I found the wonderful group Fabulously Flat on Facebook and there I joined a group of confident and wonderful people. The group consists of all sorts of people, some choose to go flat from the beginning, some had reconstruction but had to remove it again because of complications and pain issues. Some of them are trying to spread the word and influence and educate physicians about this choice.

The page breastfree is informative if you want know more about the flat reconstruction and contains a lot of photos also.