Making memories

When I got the news that I had to have my left breast removed I decided to make proper goodbye. Luckily I have amazing friends to help out so I managed to both make a plaster cast of my chest and a photoshoot to celebrate the era that was about to end. I was so important to me to make the last week a joyous event and together with very special friends it most certainly was. 

I am totally aware of the fact that female nipples are total taboo, banned on most big (American) social media platforms. The fact that I now am allowed to show one side of my chest on these platforms makes the hypocrisy even more visible. In that light I decided to make the pictures showing nipples public too. My breasts are/were a part of me and no one should feel ashamed of their body. All bodies are good bodies.

The mold will result in a torso made out of rubber and green uv light.

The photo shoot was very challenging, my first one ever, but I’m so glad I did it. I can say now that it probably won’t be my last one.

Photo credit: Lars Daniel Terkelsen

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