One Year with One Boob

One year uniboob already; I can’t decide for myself if time has gone by fast or slow. Both is true in a way, it feels like ages ago and yet I can’t believe that’s its one year already. My “new” body feels very natural to me now and I have healed so well; I feel very luckily about both of these aspects. I’m happy that I have gotten the chance to show that being a uniboob isn’t necessarily a bad thing and I know I have made a difference to other peoples decisions.

I have summed up my transformation below in pictures and all in all I think they tell a happy story. At least the uniboob thing has been the best part about this ordeal that I’ve been through.

A week before the surgery I made memories of my breasts by making a plaster cast
Early morning on surgery day, last picture ever of my breasts as a pair
The surgery in itself was the smallest part, everything went by perfectly and smooth. I was home again the same day
After a week I got a bad infection. Had there been an implant or expander it would most likely had required surgery. Now penicillin and a drain was sufficient.
One of the first pictures I put up online. Being female identified it felt so weird to be able to show this particular part of my body on socal media; thrilling in a way
Playing around with my old bikini. Still haven’t found a custom made one, but I’m looking around
Preparing for chemotherapy, first pictures without hair. Can’t help to look very tough with scar and all
Symbolism is thick here, what is male and what is female anyhow?
To me, this picture show just how much you can transform as a person. I can hardly believe that this is me. Most of all I think it shows what a toll the treatment of breast cancer takes on a person.
Picture from July
Picture from October
Picture from December
Picture from January
Happy anniversary and the art of not giving a damn

1 thought on “One Year with One Boob”

  1. Salut Ninja,
    Je suis Francaise. Je m’appel Yiell. je viens d’avoir 40 ans.
    Je suis fier d’être à plat comme toi depuis le 5 janvier 2017. + chimio + rayons
    j’aimerais communiquer un peu avec toi mais je n’ai que le mail…
    Est-ce possible?


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